About Us

We at LQI started with the aim to democratize Healthy Eating by maintaining quality standards in sourcing and partnering from the right farmers and farms, sterilization of fruits and vegetables. We today use our proprietary technology of freshly squashing, which maintains the microbial analogy of Raw Fruits and Vegetables without any pasteurization or adding any additives at any stage. Keeping it a Clean label product, at a fraction of cost with no additives and extended shelf life.

Our First step is LQI smoothie packs: a replacement of any hassle of cutting, peeling, and chopping fruits and giving a consistent natural smoothie to the customers at the ease of their home or offices within 60 seconds.

Our Aim is to create an ecosystem of products, distribution and technology which provides customers products that are convenient, quick, healthy and cost effective to improve one Life's Quality Index.

Why Frozen?

Yep, it's all you need to make the best smoothies of your life and help the planet at the same time.

Max Taste

Fruits are packed and Flash Frozen at optimum ripeness when the Nutrients, Sugars and Acids are perfectly balanced. We're talking Peak Flavour!

Max Nutrition

With No added Flavours or Preservatives, and the goodness of real fruits, ultra fast freezing helps retain all its nutritional properties
P.S. - Our packs are loaded with Fibre!

Zero Mess

No washing, peeling or chopping required. We have done all the heavy lifting. Our pre-portioned packs are perfect for that delicious glass of smoothie.
Our packs are completely hassle free!

Zero Waste

Yep! Frozen fruits has a much higher shelf life than fresh fruits, hence, no worrying about over ripened fruits.