Smoothies Made Easy..

Fresh Fruits and Nothing Else.

Smoothie packs that are just as delicious as are nutritionally rich. Tastes like real fruits, but only better.

Frozen To Fresh
Blueberry Kiss Smoothie
In 60 Seconds

Functional Inside, Convenient Outside

Our Nutrient Intact Technology helps us flash freeze the fruits at its optimum ripeness and nutritional values. We’re talking Peak Flavour and Health!

Yep, that’s all you need to make the most refreshing and delicious smoothies. Its’s basically Liquid Sunshine.


Defrost your LQi Pack at Room Temperature for 2-3 Minutes


Shake or blend the pack with your choice of mixer, milk/almond milk or yogurt.


Serve chilled in a glass or make a smoothie bowl.

Smoothies that taste too good to be true

Smoothies that taste too good to be true

We gave regular smoothies,
a makeover!

We took away the sugar, the artificial additives, the preservatives to give you the nutrition of Real fruits and nothing else. Yep, the best smoothie of your life , gets ready in a minute.


Your daily dose of fibre, now sorted!


Unlike other artificially sweetened smoothies out there!


All this goodness, with less than 100 calories!

Can't pick a favourite, Try them all! Can't pick a favourite, Try them all!

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