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Mango Mojo

This tropical mix of Alphonso and seasonal mango takes you back to your nostalgic childhood memories of Mango Shake.

While we are sure Nobody can say NO to this blend, this is a high source of iron and helps alkalize body.

Just add your preferred liquid to the pack and shake.


LQI refers to the products that uplifts Life's Quality Index by providing healthier alternatives to improve one's lifestyle.

  • Made from fresh fruits directly from farmers and processed using our proprietary technology.
  • No Additives, Non Heat Treated, No Added Sugar.
  • Shelf Life: 120 days from the date of manufacture.
  • Storage instructions - Store the pack in the freezer always (-18°C).
  • Consume immediately after opening.
  • Keep Away from direct sunlight.


Alphonso Mango

Totapuri Mango